Airo at a glance

Airo is a members-only website for the secondary sale and purchase of Airo company securities. The site provides a centralised venue for members who wish to purchase or to sell Airo companies’ securities.

Selling members who wish to sell securities can list the securities available for sale. Buying members can view the listings and contact selling members to indicate their interest. To facilitate the transaction, Airo can provide a list of third party professional partners (from research firms to other professionals like legal counsels) who can help facilitate the completion of transactions.

Airo has a simple fee structure that is levied on the seller of the securities – a one time off US$10,000 levied on an annual basis that is imposed on the first successful closing of a transaction. Sellers who successfully sold their securities for the first time can make an unlimited number of listings with no further fees imposed by the Airo for the rest of the year.